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Vaulted - "Distaste" LP Vinyl


Born from bitter winters, Vaulted makes their home in Greater New England. The Unrelenting quartet siphon aggression through searing and metallic, seldom melodic, unapologetic auditory chaos. Pin-pointed lyrical constructs that reflect on personal despair, social atrocity and Global vitriol. Vaulted maintains a bludgeoning heaviness with a poetic weaponry of ferocity and internal strife.

2018 brought the release of their full-length debut, Distaste.

1. The Ones On Top
2. Crumble
3. Life Profit
4. Death Is The End
5. Working Class
6. Keep Watching
7. Head Above The Water
8. Nuclear Funeral
9. Drown Our Fears
10. Heroes Betray 

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